Animation & Graphic Design: Internship at RMMBR

I did my second internship at RMMBR in Amsterdam as a Content Designer. I did a lot of different creative things but what I liked the most was animation. I did two major ones, for which I also made the storyboards.

Animation Stolt Tankers

My first animation at RMMBR was for Stolt Tankers. They wanted an animation about safety on board and I was provided with text to base my screens on. I made several versions of the storyboard before I began animating.

The final animation can be seen below.

Because this is a RMMBR client, I was not able to add the voice-over.

Animation ING

My second animation job during my internship was for ING. This time I had to make 4 different ones, so I outsourced two and made two myself. I did make all the storyboards.

I animated the second storyboard. The result is shown below.

Because this is a RMMBR client, I was not able to add the voice-over.

Graphic Design: RMMBR’s process

One of my colleagues at RMMBR wanted something that would show the process from beginning to end of their projects. He asked me to make it.

At first it was a complete mess. There were so many different aspects to this process and so many people responsible for all sorts of tasks. It seemed impossible, but I began sketching on paper.

It was still messy, but I tried anyways and proceeded to design in Figma.

But no matter how hard I tried, it was still messy and overloaded with information. So I tried a new approach. This time it would become a onepager with the story read from top to bottom. I decided to take the RMMBR website as an example for layout.

And below you can see the end result, using illustrations from iStock.